• Project information
  • In partnership with Maskan Bank
  • Plan National housing site - Maskan Mehr
  • Place Project of 252 units in, north phase 6 of new Parand city
  • Time Start: 2019 - End: In progress 30%
  • Contract amount 1,389,000,000,000 Billions
  • Block, unit 4 Blocks , 63 units
  • Foundation 49,000 square meters

Project of 252 residential units in, phase 6 of new Parand city

In line with the goals and general policies of the twelfth government and later the thirteenth government regarding the construction of residential projects for the middle classes of the society, which was accompanied by population growth, In 2019, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development decided to present a plan for the construction of residential projects in the form of a national plan called the Eghdam Meli Maskan. For this reason, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development entered into a contract for the construction of 252 residential units by Mahan Alborz Company, which has a brilliant record in the completion and delivery of units for national projects, as the first implementing company for the construction of Eghdam Meli Maskan projects, with a credit amounting to 1400 billion, has built a plot of land with an area of ​​12,000 square meters with an infrastructure of 49,000 square meters in 4 blocks, 10 floors (each block has 63 units). The advantages of this plan can be mentioned the presence of built-in parking spaces on the -1st and -2nd floors, as well as the existence of a meeting hall, a sports hall, an entrance lobby and a designed area.