• Project information
  • In partnership with Maskan Bank
  • Plan National housing site - Maskan Mehr
  • Place Project of 48 units in Zone 16, north phase 5 of new Parand city
  • Time Start: 2019 - End: in progress 30%
  • Contract amount 36,960,000,000 Billions
  • Block, unit 8 blocks, 6 units
  • Foundation 3680 square meters

Zone 16 project of the new Parand city

In line with the national housing goals and in accordance with the order of the high authority of the ministry regarding the completion of the semi-finished Maskan Mehr projects of MAPSA company (Management of construction projects in Iran), the 48-units project of Zone 16 located in the 5th phase of the north of new Parand city in the form of a contract EPC was assigned to this company with an initial estimate of 37 billion, and due to the fact that MAPSA, in cooperation with Mahan Group, has been implementing industrialization projects in the country, this project was carried out with the technology of steel frame construction in the form of bolts and nuts in a 6-units with infrastructure 3600 square meters in a land of about 4000 meters in a period of 2 years from 2018 and it should be mentioned that according to the idea that Mahan Group has in the form of creating residential settlements with welfare services for its residents, It has implemented an entrance with an automatic security gate, an entrance gate, a private yard for the well-being of residents and green spaces, etc.