• Project information
  • In partnership with Maskan Bank
  • Plan National housing site - Maskan Mehr
  • Place Project of 168 units in Zone 22, north phase 5 of new Parand city
  • Time Start: 2018 - End: 2021
  • Contract amount 115,920,000,000 billions
  • Block, unit 28 blocks, 6 units
  • Foundation 12063 square meters

Zone 22 project of the new Parand city

This project is in the form of national housing plans (Maskan Mehr) with a number of 168 residential units in 28 blocks of 6 units according to the industrialization plan with Tiltup construction technology (prefab concrete structure) with 12063 cubic meters of infrastructure in a land area of ​​2 hectares. In the 5th phase of the northern new city of Parand, it was built in a period of 24 months for the amount of 114 billion with the participation of Maskan Bank, and this project is derived from the construction technique in the form of a private town with a central entrance door and an automatic guard gate, a children's play area, a health road, a private yard and a drip irrigation system, considering the dry climate of the region, and sports fields and covered parking in the site was handed over to the applicants and this project was able to be among the best settlements built in the new city of Parand in 1400 by the city council and Parand Construction Company.