• Project information
  • In partnership with Maskan Bank
  • Plan National housing site - Maskan Mehr
  • Place Project of 168 units in Zone 9, north phase 5 of new Parand city
  • Time Start:2021 - End: in progress 30%
  • Contract amount 525,200,000,000 Billions
  • Block, unit 28 blocks, 6 units
  • Foundation 13,427 square meters

Zone 9 project of the new Parand city

According to the agreement signed with the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development regarding the construction of 8,500 residential units in the new city of Parand in 2008, Iran Construction Project Management Company decided to determine the last project located in Phase 5, therefore, according to the successful experience of cooperation regarding the construction, completion and delivery of Maskan Mehr projects, Mahan Company entered into a contract for the construction of 168 residential units in the form of EPC plan in 2021 with the participation of Maskan Bank. 

This project is located in the 5th phase of new Parand city in 28 blocks of 6 units according to the plan in a land area of about 1 hectare with a substructure of 1,300,000 square meters, according to the preliminary analysis, the construction cost of the project is estimated at about 600 billion. Mahan Alborz company, using construction in a private settlement in phase 5, has designed the same mold with concrete construction technology.